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    Prior to my current post, I worked as a consultant in an global company, specializing in economics and business solutions to the transportation sector. The range of projects I have contrinuted to is diverse and high level, including Government secondments, large-scale research projects for the Economic and Social Research Council and UK Energy Research Centre, and most recently the European Union. Probeer het zelf!

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    My philosophy towards work is to always keep the economics at the forefront.
    While I enjoy applying a wide range of statistical methods in my work, I am not a fan of statistics for the sake of statistics. I am an applied econometrician, and by definition I seek to fuse economic theory with (often computationally intensive) modern statistics.

Dr. David C. Broadstock

PhD in Economics

Based in Chengdu City, China, I am an Associate Professor of Economics with a specialism in empirical energy and transport economics.

In 2016 I joined took upo position as Deputy Director (Economics) for the Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance, based in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Research is my primary focus, either consultative or academic, where my ethos is to inform policy outcomes that are underpinned by robust and up-to-date academic principles.

We maintain an active Masters of Finance specializing in Financial Economics of Energy & Environment. For more information check out my university home page.

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There is much more to life than work! Outside of work my life revolves around my family which includes my wife Haiyan (Lily), and our two sons Thomas (4 years) and Adam (3 months).
On the links here you can find a sort of photo-diary of my family, including extended family too (these are snaps mostly for the benefit of my own family).

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