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My Family

My wife, Haiyan, and our two sons Thomas and Adam.


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From Hastings to Hainan - some notes on modern Broadstock family history.


Fun & Games

Web scraping, 3D animation, 360 videos and more besides. Basically stuff i find interesting but have not (yet) fully integrated into my reseerch!

The Economics of Energy

Energy presents an enduring societal problem. We need energy to develop, but current day energy generation is dominated by highly polluting hydrocarbans.

Through my research - and wider service - I strive to facilitate the transition to a cleaner, smarter and more inclusive global energy system.


Recent papers

Here you can learn a little bit more about the acedemic work I have published in recent years. I publish across a variety of topics - all bound together by applied econometrics, An up to date overview of my research & its impact can be found on my scholar profile page here.

A focus on Green Bonds.

The market for Green Bonds was established in 2007, and today is thriving with hundreds of billions of US$ of investment per year. These bonds are special in the way that they earmark the use of proceeds for environmentally beneficial investments. They have proved an extremely attractive way of raising capital

I am undertaken a number of research projects in relation to green bonds, and through my pages here I will provide regular updates on market trends, news and some of my own insights.

Social media in finance.

Recently, I am getting very interested in the analytics of social media. Social messaging platform are pervasive in modern society. In recent years these platforms are increasingly widely used by gloabl 'twitterati' from business, politics and media.

I am continually developing new skills in webscraping and textual analytics to gather, systematize and process the vast and rich information from these platforms. Hopoing to better understand the economic value and consequence of modern technology.

"It is hard to find an issue more confusing than energy policy. Is there a shortage of oil? Why? How long will the shortages last? Who's to blame? What will be the supply and demand response to price decontrol? What are the appropriate policy responses today? Can the president or the secretary of energy or the Congress be trusted to find the answers?"

— William D. Nordhaus, The Energy Journal, 1(1), 1980.

"Two market failures that illuminate the need for government support of conservation policies are the external costs of energy consumption and production and the lack of aggregate insurance against energy-related risks.."

— Ronald Sutherland, The Energy Journal, 12(3), 1991.

"Without the discipline of statistics, authors are free to make any argument to support their a priori opinions and beleifs."

— Cutler J. Cleveland and Robert K. Kaufmann, The Energy Journal, 18(2), 1997.

"Until the recent financial meltdown, only six economies experienced negative growth in 2006. Continuance of these trends will have jor implications for world energy supplies and greenhouse gas."

— Hillard G. Huntington, The Energy Journal, 31(3), 2010.

"Well-designed electricity liberalization has delivered efficiency gains, but political risks of decarbonizing the sector have undermined investment incentives in energy-only markets, while poorly designed regulated tariffs have increased the cost of accommodating renewables."

— David M. Newbery, The Energy Journal, 39(1), 2018.