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    MICRO-economics concerns itself, for the most part, with the decisions made by households and individual consumer. It is a rich subject that provides a unique perspective on the world.

  • About what I study


    The study of the efficient allocation of scarce resources. Understanding how society uses it's resources, and if it does so in the `best' way.

MIC 101


The aim of this course is to introduce you to the principles of microeconomics. What is it that economists think about, and how do they percieve the world.

The semester long course will give you the foundation skills to support any major in economics, business or finance, giving key insights into strategic thinking, and the importance of weighting costs against benefits in making any decision.

I am confident that each of you will find something of use, and hopefully also of interest in this class.

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Here you will find links to slides and other materials used in class. Homeworks will also be posted below for you. I do not print slides/homeworks as a matter of principle.

By Mid-term


  • Priciples of economics
  • Thinking like an economist
  • Interdependence and the gains from trade
  • The market forces of supply and demand
  • Elasticity and its application
  • Supply, demand and government policies
  • Consumers, producers and efficient markets
  • International trade
By Final


  • The costs of taxation
  • Externalities
  • The costs of production
  • Firms in competitive markets
  • Monopoly
  • Oligopoly
  • Monopolistic competition